B is celebrating*! She has some news she’d like to share…

The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice is now a registered charity (SCIO) We are now registered with the Office for the Scottish Charity Regulator, and our registration number is SC046918.

It has been a difficult couple of days, as Monday 24th October marked one year since Maggie left this world. That day I said goodbye to my best friend, and my heart and soul broke apart in the way that they do when the people we love say goodbye. They never heal, not really. They just fix back together all crooked and cracked in the only way they know how and – somehow – you find a way to go on.

Strangely, we received our status award one year to the hour since I turned to mum on 25th October last year, on our way to say goodbye to Maggie in the vet hospital, to hold her body close and and smell her fur for the last time, and said, “The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice”.

Bran and I passed the spot on the road yesterday where I said that a year ago, and, as I do so often, I talked to Maggie and I thanked her for bringing so much joy to my life when she was here, and for bringing Bran and B to me in her absence.

This is for you, Maggie. I miss you every second of every day and I always will and I promise I will always try to live and love like you did

*It’s camomile tea, but we told B it was Champagne dscf7309