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Brandon aka Branflake

About Brandon: Brandon was abandoned in early May, and – unclaimed by his people – he was facing a lonely death in the pound. Thankfully he found his way to the lovely people at Dogs Trust West Calder, who saved his life. Sadly, Brandon has terminal cancer and has had his tumoured spleen removed, but how much further the cancer has spread we won’t know until we carry out more investigative vet treatment (x-rays) once he is settled, and then we will have more idea of his prognosis. It is expected that he has at most two or three months, but we hopefully will know more over the coming few days.

Thank you to all the staff at Dogs Trust West Calder for caring for Brandon and for trusting him to our care as supported foster carers, and to Steven for bringing him to us.

We don’t know how long Brandon has, how many weeks or months he has ahead of him, but we will walk with him as friends on this final part of his journey. We will make sure he has lots of happy times, cuddles, kisses, walkies, good food and maybe one too many treats some days 🙂

Brandon’s Condition: Brandon has had his spleen removed prior to joining us, and his wound is fully healed. We don’t yet know if the cancer has spread, but we will have x-rays done in due course to see if metastasis has occurred. Brandon is a little stiff in his back legs and he is getting pain and inflammation relief medication to help him with this. Otherwise, Bran is in good health and doesn’t seem to realise (or care!) that he is in his senior years!

About Brandon: Branflake is truly a wonderful lad. He is so incredibly sweet and loving, and there is a heartbreaking desperation in his need for affection and friendship. He carries a lot of worry and anxiety with him, which I feel very strongly from him, and I suspect he has done for some time. He needs a lot of reassurance that we love him and we will always be here for him. Slowly he is releasing his worries and anxieties as we let him know slowly and gently that he is so very loved and safe. More than anything in the world, Bran needs a friend, and it is an absolute honour to be friends with such a wonderful person. It is hard to describe how much I adore this grey-bearded man.

More about Brandon: As we have got to know Brandon and become his friends, we have learned so much about him and what he enjoys:

I love: having a friend, walkies, going in the car, cuddles, playtime on the bed, rolling around like a silly puppy, dinner time, snoozing, company, being loved, my tin of tuna at bed time.

Meh, I’m not bothered about: other dogs, going out in the rain.

I don’t like: being on my own.

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Brandon’s Treatment: Brandon has already had his spleen removed and he has seen his vet here for his MOT. He is in generally good health, and although he is a bit stiff and shaky on his back legs, pain medication helps control this and he is a very active lad who loves his walks. Investigative medical treatment (x-rays) will be carried out once Bran is more settled. He will also need some dental work done.

26th October 2016: Bran had his dental work done, and an investigation on a lump on his elbow. His tooth came out without any difficulty and he is much happier for it. The lump was fatty, thank goodness.Bran is in good health, and is as fit as can be expected for a lad of his years, and though he is always game I can see that his wee back legs aren’t quite what they used to be. We give him pain relief when he needs it.

He is really happy, and enjoying life so much. I help him to put the chickens, turkeys and pigs to bed every night (he shouts me when it is time) and he loves running around the garden, being Gramps to the hens, and being part of our family. We adore him and we are pretty sure he is happy here, too 🙂 We keep a very close eye on his health and make sure he is getting to go on lots of adventures. Every second with him is a joy.

Brandon’s Fund: We rely entirely on donations to be able to provide palliative care to our residents. Most of Brandon’s medical treatment will be covered by Dogs Trust as he is on shared foster, so we only have to pay the first £7.50 for each of his treatments (thank you to Dogs Trust for this). We do, however, have his other necessaries to pay (like food, and kitchen towel and spray cleaner… if you know what I mean!). Brandon’s new toys and lots of sweeties from his Wishlist have been very kindly donated to him, so he has lots of both of those thanks to some very lovely people. If you would like to donate to help Brandon with his treatment costs (which will be very low), or with his food and treats, you can do so by bank transfer or Paypal. All donations will be used to help Brandon with his acare and treatment, and any left over will be added to our Hospice Fund to help other animals and with the general building and running of the Hospice. The Hospice is run by volunteers and all donations go directly to provide for the needs of our residents.


Brandon’s Donors: Thank you to the following donors who have donated to help Bran: £20(LK) / £20(CK) / £5(KS) / £20(ED) / £20(LG) / £10(LW) / £10(SFMS) / £10(JE) / £30(ES) / £100(IT) / £15(PR) / £50(IF) = £310. Thank you to his kind donors.

If you would like to help Bran have the happiest end-of-life care we can give him, you can donate to his fund on our donate page. Thank you.

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