Beautiful Maggie in the grounds of where the Hospice will stand.

After months of planning, I am pleased/scared/nervous/terrified to say that The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice is now officially founded.

It has been a very emotional few months, firstly losing Maggie and coming to terms with missing her so much, and also searching and thinking hard to know if I can do this. It is going to be hard, I know it is, but I know it will also bring great joy to see animals who would otherwise have nowhere to go come here to the Hospice to enjoy the time they have left, and to know that we are giving them happiness and comfort, and being their friends when they need us. Goodbyes are going to be so hard, and truthfully I don’t know how I will cope, but I have known since I said goodbye to my beloved friend Maggie that I would do my best to honour her memory, and I know that this is how I am to do it.

We will make new friends and we will have to say goodbye to those friends, but I hope we can also give happiness, joy, comfort and kindness to our friends, and to be there at the end to let them pass peacefully, knowing they are with people who love them, and that they are not alone.

I will miss Maggie forever, and I can only hope that the love and kindness she showed me and so many others will help me to be what I need to be to do this, and to be the friend our residents need me to be. If I can be half the person Maggie was…

In ever loving memory of my best friend and soul mate, Maggie Fleming. This is for you.