Maggie 3

Dedicated to the memory of my beloved friend Maggie Fleming, the most wonderful dog I have ever known, The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice was founded in March 2016 to provide safety, comfort, love, kindness and end-of-life palliative care for terminally-ill abandoned animals.

Sadly, many tens of thousands of animals are abandoned every year, and tragically some are abandoned when – often because – they are terminally-ill. With no where for them to go to receive end-of-life care, they are often killed in pounds or shelters.

My darling friend Maggie passed away very suddenly and very tragically on the 24th October 2015, and although I had made a promise that I would never leave her, she died in surgery in the vet hospital and I couldn’t be with her. The pain of that is almost too much to bear, but on the 25th October 2015 as I went to say goodbye to her for the last time, in shock and numbed by overwhelming grief, I promised her that I would try my best to do for others what I couldn’t do for her; be there for them at the end.

It is my hope that The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice will provide a place of safety and comfort in a home environment, where animals who otherwise may have been killed “unwanted” and “unloved” can live out the remainder of their lives, be that months or weeks, in peace and with love and kindness, and with tailored palliative care to make them comfortable, pain-free and to be able to enjoy their remaining days knowing they are safe and with friends who love them. They will be able to enjoy the best of life, with home comforts and safe outdoor areas where they can enjoy the breeze and the sun when they choose.

Maggie was truly the most special soul, loved by all who knew her, and I am so incredibly lucky that I was her special friend, and she mine. I will miss her until my last breath, and I can only hope that I am able to be the best I can be in her memory, inspired by her kindness and gentleness.

In ever loving memory of my beautiful friend, darling Maggie.