(What will be) the grounds of the Hospice

In order to provide the best of care for the residents, we are building a purpose-built Hospice unit on our grounds. This will be next to our house but separate from it, so that the residents have peace and quiet but they can also come into the house should they wish to, but have their own special space that is just theirs for when they need to rest.

We are going to try to source as many of the materials as we can for free, by asking for donations from businesses and donations of labour, and by re-claiming some of the materials (for example, some of the windows were reclaimed from building sites where they were going to be thrown out, but are perfectly sound).

We will need to purchase some items for the Hospice but at all times we will try our very best to get items donated so as to keep costs down as much as we can.

As it is being purpose-built, we will be able to tailor it to the needs of the residents. It will have three separate sections to enable us to have three residents at any one time. We will have washing facilities, a bed area for me to sleep in when I have to stay with them during the night, and comfortable but easily disinfected couches. We will also have storage for bedding, and it will be built to be warm and comfortable, but also easily cleaned. It will have outdoor areas for each of the residents so that they can enjoy the sunshine and breeze on nice days.

If you would like to donate to the building costs of the Hospice, we would be so incredibly grateful. We will post receipts for all costs and all donations to the Hospice Building Fund will be noted on a dedicated fundraising page.