The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice (SCIO charitable registration number SC046918 ) was established in March 2016 to provide peaceful, kind and comforting palliative end-of-life care and friendship for terminally-ill abandoned animals so that they do not have to take their final steps alone. It was inspired by the sudden and tragic passing of my best friend, Maggie. You can read more about Maggie here.


We are currently raising funds to build the first dedicated animal hospice in the UK.

You can find out more and donate to about our Build Appeal here.

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Sadly, thousands of animals are abandoned every year, and even more tragically some are abandoned when – often because – they are nearing the end of their life and living with a terminal condition. Without somewhere for them to go to receive the palliative care they need to ease their last few weeks and their passing, many are killed in lonely kennels, or in unknown vet surgeries, and without the comfort of being with people who know and love them, and whom they know and trust.

At The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice we provide a safe place for animals – of almost any species – to live the remainder of their lives, building a bond of trust and friendship with them so that they know they are safe, loved and cared for. We provide them with the best end-of-life palliative care to suit their individual personalities and their medical needs.

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We provide tailored palliative care to animals for however long they are comfortable and happy to stay in this world. We work closely with experienced hospice vets, seeking advice and support on the most appropriate palliative care for each resident.  We also work with local vets, specialists and consultants to ensure that each resident receives the most appropriate vet care, treatment, medication, pain-relief and, when the time comes, a peaceful passing, whether that be in the resident’s own time or with assistance if this is the best for the resident. We always aim to ensure that residents pass here in their own home where at all possible. Our vets provide gentle, kind, at-home euthanasia at any time of day, when euthanasia is determined to be the best thing for the resident.

The welfare, comfort, peace and quality of life of each resident is the most important thing, and providing this for them is the basis of all we do. As such, we are able to care for one larger animal (dog, farm animal) and two small animals (cats, rats, rabbits, etc), or two larger animals at any one time. We must be able to provide the best possible care, and this is only possible when we are able to give time, love, energy and space to our residents, so we can only care for a small number of animals at any one time.

B and Branflake are our current residents. B was given 2 weeks to live in May 2016. Bran was given 2 months to live in June 2016.

Please click on their photo captions to read their stories.

That face!
“Yes, you can lick the spoon, Brandon!”

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